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      Our NEW 0-10K Club!

      Our NEW 0-10K Club!

      WE LOVE INSTAGRAM FOR THE INSPIRATION...but we hate it for the algorithms. Let’s change that.

      We’re going to feature one nail account every week from now til the end of the year that has anywhere from 0 to 10k followers. . We’ll be picking accounts at random that use our hashtag: #UberChic0to10K

      That account will also get $25 store credit to either giveaway or use.

      We will feature a mani pic of theirs on our app and link DIRECTLY to their Instagram profile.

      Once you start seeing them on our app: give them a visit, a like, a follow, a comment – let’s encourage each other, find new nail art inspiration and bust that darn algorithm together!


      We're Giving to St Jude Children's Hospital

      Hi everyone!

      Brittany here! :) I became a mom just a short while ago and, like most moms, I would do absolutely anything for my child. Three days after our son was born we ended up having to race him back to the hospital for a two-night stay. His bilirubin was almost off the charts. We were sleep deprived, freaked out and in a state of constant worry about our precious baby boy. 

      I chose St. Jude Children's Hospital for a few reasons – one hearkens back to that moment in my life when we clung to everything the nurses and doctors told us so we could get our kiddo back on track as fast as humanly possible. I can't imagine not having that level of care around us, helping us and I cannot imagine families that have to spend days, weeks, months and even years at a hospital in that very same freaked out, worried state. My heart absolutely breaks for them. We only had 2 nights, we got to go home, and now he's almost 2 years old and the happiest baby alive. Without their help it would be a different story. We wanted to choose a non-profit that directly impacted those kids, those families. 

      Here are some other big reasons St. Jude stuck out to us:

      • 82 cents of every dollar donated to St. Jude's goes directly towards kids that need it.   
      • Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
      • Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago. We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer.

      We'll be giving a portion of proceeds from each Stand Together plate sold from now until end of October to go towards this amazing non-profit and YES! that includes plates sold through our distributors as well. We hope you'll partner with us in supporting this great cause.



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      Need Help Logging In?

      Trouble Logging in?

      We recently upgraded to a brand new ecommerce platform - everything was pulled over (past orders, etc) except your password and a simple password reset will not work.

      Simply email us by clicking the link below and we will help you reactivate your account ASAP! :) 

      Send us an email: hello@uberchicbeauty.com

      How to Nail Stamp - Where to Begin and What You Need

      Ever been curious how to stamp on your nails? Think nail stamping looks hard?This short video guides you through all the tools you need, suggests tools that help but aren't required and shows you how easy it is, step by step, to do nail art stamping. Gorgeous nail stamped manicures can be more cost-effective than wraps, decals or stickers - plus they go on in a fraction of the time and last much longer than all the above! It's the best form of nail art you can do yourself and doesn't involve a h

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