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      Impress Your Relatives With Thanksgiving Themed Nails

      There are few things as exciting as heading home for the holidays to spend them with your family. While you may not have appreciated it as much when you were younger and therefore were able to see relatives much more frequently. This is now the one time of the year everyone takes the time and makes the effort to come together and celebrate, so why not be a bit elated? After all, you have been doing everything you can day in and day out to achieve your goals, it’s time to tell those who you love

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      The UberSwatcher™ Will Be The Holiday Gift Everyone Is Talking About

      While some people choose to go to the nail salon to get their nails done, others of us are addicted to making our nails look amazing on our own. We, at UberChic Beauty, love the ability to create amazing and unique designs on our nails often. However, with doing your own nails comes plenty of nail stamping design plates and even more nail polish colors. Often distinguishing these colors from one another can be the most frustrating part of being your own manicurist. After all, you need one polish

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      New Christmas Nail Stamping Designs Just Released!

      We know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but before we know it, that holiday will come and go and we will all be gearing up for the rest of winter and the holidays that come with it. While you still may be rocking your Thanksgiving-themed nails, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next. After all, there are so many great themes to focus on. Whether you love snow, holiday lights, gifts or another aspect of the season, you can reflect it in the way you decorate your nails. At UberChic Beauty,

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      Sport Beautiful Stamped Nails On Vacation This Summer

      Summer is finally here, which means you are probably itching to take a few days away from your busy schedule and plan a vacation. Whether you are going to the beach or simply plan on soaking up some sun by the pool, you’re likely to have a bit of free time in which you can pamper yourself. One of the ways we would suggest that you spend this time would be by stamping your nails with some of favorite summer designs. To give you a better idea of what you can do with your nails, continue reading be

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      Halloween Nail Art Ideas from Shanna's Nail Adventures

      Meet our Featured Nail Artist: Shanna of @ShannasNailAdventures! Spooky Nail Art Inspiration from one of our Favorite Nail Artists!  Q: What was your inspiration for this mani? A: I love Halloween and spooky haunted houses and graveyards. So I imagined a sunset where you see the silhouette of spooky things! Q: What is your favorite part about this design/why did you pick it? A: I love doing gradients, so that’s definitely my favorite thing a

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