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      Pronounced: (oober sheek)

      Born: Dec 26, 2014

      We began as a small idea.

      We were created by one woman who saw a great need for decent sized nail stamps that were perfect for all sizes and shapes of nails - yet weren't overwhelming like many full nail stamp plate images on the market. With care and research the idea grew into an obsession and eventually into what we are today: UberChic Beauty.

      With attention to detail and copious hours of design work - we've made UberChic Beauty into one of the leaders of Indie Stamp Plate Makers. Each design is crafted with tender loving care so when a plate is finally produced - you know it'll be worth your time and attention.

      Our love of good design bled into other areas of life and before we knew it we were making up lifestyle products - much to our customer's delight! Each colorful creation is also give the same amount of care before it is finally made and introduced to the product line. 

      About Brittany

      Brittany was born and raised in Fort Collins – a town just an hour north of Denver, Colorado. Born as the youngest of two she was raised by her parents who owned a small business so she got to see first hand what it means to take care of each and every customer. She has an obsessive desire to create the very best products she possibly can and has made UberChic into a powerhouse of perfectly crafted products.

      We hope you enjoy our products and plates! If you ever want to say hello or have a great idea you think we should make - please drop us a line via our Contact Page!