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      Thanks for Contacting us! Please add hello@uberchicbeauty.com to your Contacts list to make sure our response gets through to you. Once you submit your request - we will be in touch within 24-48 hours during normal business hours (M-F).


      We have some handy FAQ pages that may help answer questions:

      Questions about Returns and List Price Currency

      Questions about Where to Purchase Internationally

      Questions about Shipping (U.S.)

      Questions about Shipping (Internationally)


      If you are interested in selling our products - please contact us at: wholesale@uberchicbeauty.com

      Want to become a reviewer? - please see this page: Becoming a Reviewer

      For your records - all packages are sent from our fulfillment center at the below address:

      UberChic Beauty
      Receiving Department
      807 Airport Access Rd Unit D
      Traverse City, MI 49686


      If you have any further questions, concerns or feedback - please feel free to use the below form: