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      Glittery Phone Wallpaper Freebie

      Who doesn't love a freebie? And when that freebie just happens to be coated in glitter – even better right?? Well do we have a treat for you...introducing Glittery Phone Wallpapers by UberChic Beauty!  Free for you to use - all we ask is that you leave our logo on there if you're sharing them as we do own the copyright to these images. HOW TO:Simply save your favorites below to your phone and set one as your wallpaper. Then show the love and send this link to a friend!Stamp Love..

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      How to Apply Magic Dust from UberChic Beauty

      You've probably seen us mention our Magic Dust from time to time but not known exactly what it is or how to use it. Well, we made a quick video that breaks down the process of using Magic Dust - without watering down it's magical properties...and oh yes, they are magical! If you want to take your manicure to the next level and add some duo-chrome properties to it - check out the below video that walks you through four common ways to apply Magic Dust.

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      Fall In Love With Autumn Nails This Month

      Today is officially the first day of autumn and we are sure you are just as excited as we are. After all, fall comes with so many lovely things that make this season seem somewhat magical in the grand scheme of things. Seasonal specialties like the leaves changing colors, warm wool sweaters and pumpkin spice everything make the months of September, October and November exceptional in comparison with the other months of the year.Show Your Love For The Season What better way to make sure that

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      Rock The Spookiest Nails This Halloween!

      If you are anything like us here at UberChic Beauty, you love Halloween and everything related to it. Regardless of how old you are, there is something very special about October because of this spooky holiday. If we’re being honest, we think the main reason people of all ages love Halloween so much is the ability to dress up as anything they want. In our daily lives, we only get to be ourselves. We have to be mothers, daughters, coworkers, friends and it can be extremely freeing to take one day

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      Is It Already Time To Start Considering Holiday Gifts? UberChic Says “Yes!”

      Okay, okay. We know, it’s not even Halloween yet, so how can we be advocating for buying holiday presents already? Easily. If you are someone who waits until two weeks before the holidays every year to buy a present for every single person you know, it’s time to change your strategy. When you get your holiday shopping done early, think how worry-free you will be once December actually does roll around. Let’s talk about the different things UberChic has to offer for every type of friend you ha

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