Cotton Grabber
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Cotton Grabber

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The Cotton Grabber a.k.a. "The Claw"

UberChic Beauty creates professional-grade tools specifically designed for all your nail art needs! This sturdy cotton ball grabber is up for your toughest nail art messes and will hold your cotton perfectly in place until you release it.


Get your plates clean without ruining your manicure with our handy cotton grabbing tool! Clean up is key to any good manicure - and with this tool, getting your plates clean doesn't mean you'll ruin your handiwork. The pen shape creates is an easy-to-hold shape and easily glides over plate surfaces - just like using an eraser on a pencil!


We created these to be the ultimate in luxe and easy-to-use nail art tools - it is made out of metal and will hold up to acetone like a champ!

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  • Didn't think I needed it but I DO!

    Posted by Kristina on Aug 18th 2019

    I am new to stamping, but after researching all the necessary tools, I had first thought I don't need a cotton grabber. I tried to use a clothespin, but the ends were facing outwards and it just wasn't designed for quite this purpose. The cotton always fell out and I worried about scratching my plates with the bare clothespin by accident.

    So I decided to try this cotton grabber and it has made a huge difference. It just works perfectly, as it's made for this exact purpose. It never loses the cotton and there is no risk of scratching the plate. It just plain works and makes things so much simpler. Holding a cotton ball should not be something you worry about and take up a lot of time fiddling with while you are concentrating on stamping, and with this grabber those problems are gone!

  • A nail stampers “MUST HAVE”

    Posted by Jodi on May 5th 2019

    I recommend this cotton grabber to anyone who does there nails!! This saves you so much time and stress...I repeat STRESS!
    Picture it: So you have painted your nails and your now stamping them. Now you have to clean the plate with a cotton ball W/ nail polish remover. So you have to do that weird pinch, only using the middle of your fingers and your flexing you nails out so your not touch any part of that cotton ball bc it isn’t only the acetone we’re worried about it’s also the actual cotton, one little strand like fiber on them nails and it could be over!! If your anything like me, you might get through one time of cleaning the plate, but low a behold, I always mess up a nail!!
    LISTEN!! This is the savior!!
    I have been stamping for about 2-3 years and was watching a fb video of someone doing there nails and I saw this!!! I screamed- “What is that?!?” I searched the internet and here I am! Trust me, I debated on buying it until, after I a couple times of doing my nails, I would jack them up bc I didn’t have this!! I bought it and it’s my best friend!!!! It could be your best friend too!!!
    It’s not cheap, it’s actually really sturdy. It’s like a clicker pen, you push down and hold the top and four metal pins comes out and opens, you stick a cotton ball in it, let go of the top and BAM, you’re ready to go!!
    A dream come true!! Get this!! Glad I did, worth every penny!

  • Perfect!

    Posted by Elisabet Eriksson on Dec 28th 2017

    I can finally keep stamping without ruining my already painted nails =D
    Best christmas ever!

  • Best tool ever!

    Posted by Cheryl on Dec 3rd 2017

    This is perfect for cleaning stamping plates & nails when you don't want to mess up your mani. Very well made also!

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It's so easy to get stunning nail art - with a Stamp!
Nail stamping allows you to get creative and completely customize your manicure! Our plates offer the easiest and most cost-effective way to customize your manicure with nail polish - and the best part is - you can reuse our plates time and time again. Say goodbye to freehand nail art painting that never looks the same on both hands or stickers that can peel off within minutes and hello to nail art that is as personal, professional and unique as you are. To watch more How-Tos you can visit this page: How to Stamp


Apply Nail Polish on top of your chosen design


Scrape off excess polish with a Scraper Card


Using a rolling motion - pick up the design with a Stamper


Gently press stamped design onto your nail


Use 100% Acetone to clean the plate between use (polish remover can contain oils that buildup on the plate making it difficult to use)

Work Quickly - with such a thin layer of polish, moving quickly is best!

Use regular or stamping polish on plate (avoid chunky glitter and gel polish)

You can stamp over regular or gel nail polishes - even acrylic!

To watch more How-Tos you can visit this page: How to Stamp


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