UberSwatcher - 25 pack
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UberSwatcher - 25 pack

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Watch the video...and change the way you swatch forever!


The problem with such a wonderfully large collections of nail polish is the amount of time it takes just to find what you are looking for. And like you, we’ve tried all the tricks to try and be better organized: Swatch sticks, swatch books and those clip on swatched nails are all ways we’ve tried to make the polish locating task easier but they all come with their own issues.


Swatch sticks and swatch books need even more room for storage and aren't the quickest way to find your next color of choice as you are forced to find the color all over again once you go to your drawer.


This is further complicated when the colors are hard to see or have changed due to separation... you may look down into your drawer thinking a color is bright yellow...when in fact it’s a pearly white once it’s shaken back to it’s original color.


What’s even more frustrating is when the bottles are not see-thru or they show a different color on the bottle as in the case of gel polishes - you may find yourself opening the bottle to confirm the true color which exposes the polish and can significantly shorten its life.


Swatch clip on nails are also difficult to see when you look down into your drawer - plus they easily pop off when you use your polish and can quickly get lost.


All these swatching methods take time and add frustration and clutter to our favorite hobby.


Introducing: The UberSwatcher™! Not only is it fun to say - it’s the best and classiest swatcher method yet and we’d like to walk you through how it fixes all your swatching issues and more!


This revolutionary polish swatcher topper - we call the UberSwatcher™ - comes in two parts: a hard white top and a flexible outer wrapper.


Simply apply polish to the hard white top, wait for it to fully dry between coats if you are using regular polish - or cure between coats if you are using gelpolish. Then insert it into the wrapper and add it to the polish’s cap. We recommend two coats of color followed by a top coat.


This revolutionary nail polish swatching system will not only organize your entire collection - it makes it look absolutely magical when you open up your drawers because instead of seeing drab cap colors - you see full, true color swatches in all their colorful glory.


The outer wrapper adjusts to virtually every polish cap size and shape all while keeping it’s polish swatch on top firmly in place.


If you do use a wall system or have your polishes out eye-level – no problem! We’ve designed the swatched piece to be rounded so it's easily view-able from the side too.


Plus - it adds additional grip for opening up those hard-to-open caps and stays firmly in place use after use!


The best part is - the outer wrapper is 100% reusable and we sell extra swatch pieces should you need to switch your colors out - we have those available here: 25 Pack Top White Replacement Pieces.


So stop wasting time fighting through finding your favorite polishes - and start using the revolutionary way to organize your collection today!



The UberSwatcher™ comes in a few different pack options to best fit your current needs.

25 pack : BUY HERE

50 pack : BUY HERE

100 pack : BUY HERE

The flexible outer are 100% reusable - if you need more of the white plastic swatch pieces: you can buy a 25 pack HERE
















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  • Perfect!

    Posted by Kathlene Cooley-Highsmith on Mar 5th 2018

    Is helping to save my gel polish collection. Ingenious!

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It's so easy to get stunning nail art - with a Stamp!
Nail stamping allows you to get creative and completely customize your manicure! Our plates offer the easiest and most cost-effective way to customize your manicure with nail polish - and the best part is - you can reuse our plates time and time again. Say goodbye to freehand nail art painting that never looks the same on both hands or stickers that can peel off within minutes and hello to nail art that is as personal, professional and unique as you are. To watch more How-Tos you can visit this page: How to Stamp


Apply Nail Polish on top of your chosen design


Scrape off excess polish with a Scraper Card


Using a rolling motion - pick up the design with a Stamper


Gently press stamped design onto your nail


Use 100% Acetone to clean the plate between use (polish remover can contain oils that buildup on the plate making it difficult to use)

Work Quickly - with such a thin layer of polish, moving quickly is best!

Use regular or stamping polish on plate (avoid chunky glitter and gel polish)

You can stamp over regular or gel nail polishes - even acrylic!

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