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Uber Mat

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Uber Mat

ALL NEW LOOK! After we invented the world's first nail art mat - we set our minds on improving it and making it into something even better. Introducing the all new Uber Mat: it's officially time to upgrade your work space.


We've added some fun new icons that you can fill in with your polish or chunky glitter to make the most amazing nail art decals. We've also added black nail guides as well as moved them into the middle to bring your nail art into center focus. We saw a lot of people using out mat to paint letters free-handed so we thought our alphabet and numbers would be the perfect addition to our all new look. The ruler was the next idea to come up - if you struggle knowing if a design will fit your nails - measure both and see!


The Original Nail Art Mat

Are you tired of ruining every surface you use with acetone and polish? Do you have to wait F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to make reverse stamps or stamping decals using your one or two stamper heads? Well, not anymore. Take your nail art to the next level by experiencing the Uber Mat for yourself. Our nail art mats are the perfect companion for almost every kind of nail art you can imagine.


What does it do?

1. Easily test out color combos on your mat
2. Protect your table from stains and spills
3. Simple Cleanup: Acetone and Nail Polish Remover proof
4. Create easy peasy stamping decals with polish or glitter mixed with Top Coat
5. Reverse stamp like a boss
6. Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage
7. Dry Marble and Dry “Water” Marble like a pro (without the mess!)
8. It’s food-grade so you could literally eat off of it
9. Smoosh your polish and make a fun look
10. Measure a design to see if it will fit your nails...or use it for homework. But that's not as fun.
11. Create letters and numbers out of polish or glitter mixed with polish with absolute ease!
12. We just put this in here because we know we haven't covered everything you can do with this...



What polishes work?

For reverse stamping - we tested 3 different top coats and all worked flawlessly - even the fast drying ones. We tested H K Girl from Glisten and Glow, Sally Hansen Mega Shine and Out the Door by INM - all worked so try what you have to see if it works too!


If you have polish that stains your stampers (like really, highly, extremely, very, very...very pigmented polish - also some jelly/leadlighting polishes may stain for unknown reasons) - they may stain the mat. We found 99.5% of polishes work fine so if you're worried just test a small part on the side to see if it does.



Long Term Love:

Do not let stamper heads (mostly the sticky ones) sit on it for an extended period of time (more than a few hours) as it may cause un-doable bubbling of the mat. We found this happen when you let the flat part of the head sit on the mat overnight. We're thinking this is due to the oils that are found on some stamper heads.



Tech Specs:

It's 16 inches wide by 12 inches tall so big enough for whatever nail craft you'd like to try.


Products Used in Tutorial Photos above:

We used our Unicorn Love plate - you can find it HERE.

We used Fair Maiden Polishes to create this super fun Unicorn mani - you can find them HERE.


For a video - check out this video:

If you're curious about the plates and stamper we used to make these reverse stamps - you can find them here:

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    Posted by Unknown on Nov 6th 2016

    Anyone interested in stamping must get this!

  • Uber Mat

    Posted by Sylvie Frigon on Oct 25th 2016

    This mat is amazing, let's you figure your design easily before client arrives. it's easy to clean. Absolutely love it!

  • Loving my UC Mat

    Posted by ricardo bustamante on Oct 18th 2016

    I just LOVE my UC mat. What did I do before it?! ♡♡♡


    Posted by Heather Bianchi on Oct 16th 2016

    This is a fantastic product! I now use this all of the time! It is so easy to create designs and just to practice on! If you like drag marbling, this is a MUST! Now you don't have to wait hours for the polish to dry on your nails. You can make the decals up the day/night before then apply them the next day - once applied it is only as long as it takes your chosen top coat to dry before you can get on with your day! I adore this mat <3 <3

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It's so easy to get stunning nail art - with a Stamp!
Nail stamping allows you to get creative and completely customize your manicure! Our plates offer the easiest and most cost-effective way to customize your manicure with nail polish - and the best part is - you can reuse our plates time and time again. Say goodbye to freehand nail art painting that never looks the same on both hands or stickers that can peel off within minutes and hello to nail art that is as personal, professional and unique as you are. To watch more How-Tos you can visit this page: How to Stamp


Apply Nail Polish on top of your chosen design


Scrape off excess polish with a Scraper Card


Using a rolling motion - pick up the design with a Stamper


Gently press stamped design onto your nail


Use 100% Acetone to clean the plate between use (polish remover can contain oils that buildup on the plate making it difficult to use)

Work Quickly - with such a thin layer of polish, moving quickly is best!

Use regular or stamping polish on plate (avoid chunky glitter and gel polish)

You can stamp over regular or gel nail polishes - even acrylic!

To watch more How-Tos you can visit this page: How to Stamp


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