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UberMat Facts!

Are you tired of ruining every surface you use with acetone and polish? Do you have to wait F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to make reverse stamps or stamping decals using your one or two stamper heads? Well, not anymore. Take your nail art to the next level by experiencing the Uber Mat for yourself. Our nail art mats are the perfect companion for almost every kind of nail art you can imagine.

We've added some fun new icons that you can fill in with your polish or chunky glitter to make the most amazing nail art decals. We've also added black nail guides as well as moved them into the middle to bring your nail art into center focus. We saw a lot of people using out mat to paint letters free-handed so we thought our alphabet and numbers would be the perfect addition to our all new look. The ruler was the next idea to come up - if you struggle knowing if a design will fit your nails - measure both and see!

What does it do?
1. Easily test out color combos on your mat

2. Protect your table from stains and spills

3. Simple Cleanup: Acetone and Nail Polish Remover proof

4. Create easy peasy stamping decals with polish or glitter mixed with Top Coat

5. Reverse stamp like a boss

6. Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage

7. Dry Marble and Dry “Water” Marble like a pro (without the mess!)

8. It’s food-grade so you could literally eat off of it

9. Smoosh your polish and make a fun look

10. Measure a design to see if it will fit your nails...or use it for homework. But that's not as fun.

11. Create letters and numbers out of polish or glitter mixed with polish with absolute ease!

12. We just put this in here because we know we haven't covered everything you can do with this...

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