Sport Beautiful Stamped Nails On Vacation This Summer

Posted by UberChic Beauty on Jun 1st 2017

Sport Beautiful Stamped Nails On Vacation This Summer

Summer is finally here, which means you are probably itching to take a few days away from your busy schedule and plan a vacation. Whether you are going to the beach or simply plan on soaking up some sun by the pool, you’re likely to have a bit of free time in which you can pamper yourself. One of the ways we would suggest that you spend this time would be by stamping your nails with some of favorite summer designs. To give you a better idea of what you can do with your nails, continue reading below.

Beach Attire

We know you are excited to put on that brand new swimsuit and head out into the sun. If you are someone who can’t get seem to get enough of summer and all of the wonderful things that come along with it, why not sport them on your nails as well? From sunglasses to beach umbrellas, popsicles and more, you can take your favorite parts of summer with you everywhere you go whether you are going on vacation this season or not.


If you know anything about UberChic stamping plates, you probably know how much we adore making them in floral pattern, regardless of what season it is. Many people think that floral designs are only good for spring, but we severely disagree. Our vacation mode plate has a number of adorable floral patterns that are perfect for you to wear all summer long. Whether you want to paint your nails in luxurious green palm leaves, or delicate and colorful hibiscus, this plate can you provide you with plenty of options.


Do you have an absolute love for travel and finding new and interesting adventures to go on? If so, the vacation mode nail stamping plate was made for you too. You have a number of different options when it comes to how you’re going to reach your destination. Whether you prefer traveling by boat or plane, you can show your full appreciation for all the world has to offer when you stamp your nail with these designs.

Summer Text

Less into designs but have something to say? We can help you there as well. Our vacation mode stamping plate also comes with plenty of summer-appropriate sayings such as “aloha,” “I’m in vacation mode,” “I need a six month vacation twice a year” and more. If you love summer and you want to make sure everyone knows just how much you want to take a mini break from the responsibilities that come with daily life, these are the perfect choice for you!

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At UberChic, it is our hope that every person who used our nail stamping plates will fall in love with their nails once they are done, making them fall even more in love with themselves. So treat yourself to some nail stamping plates today. Not only will you feel great about your nails, but you will surely get a number of compliments whether you are on the beach or back at the office.