Pumpkin Nail Art Inspo from Our Featured Nail Stamper Artist: Ramie!

Oct 18th 2018

Meet our Featured Nail Artist: Ramie of @LifeIsNails!

Fall Nail Art Inspiration from one of our Favorite Nail Artists! 

Q: What was your inspiration for this mani?

A: One thing I love the most about Halloween season are Pumpkins and everything about them, be it the spooky pumpkin decor (Jack-o Lanterns) or the family time spent on carving those pumpkins or the pumpkin spice latte. It always revolves around pumpkin the most. And to be very honest I love them because thats the only thing not scary to me on Halloween lol (Yes I get scared with everything else easily) So yeah I thought why not just do the pumpkins.

Q: What is your favorite part about this design/why did you pick it?

A: The favorite part has to be the vibrant color of pumpkins in this mani. I just love neons!

Q: What Polishes did you use? 

A: Zoya Gina, Color Club Koo Koo Cachoo, Bornprettystore Black Stamping polish, And All that jazz Matte Top Coat

Q: What other tools did you use?
A: I used Stamping plate "Halloween 04" From UberChic Beauty, their jumbo stamper and scraper too, Also Liquid barrier from Edge Perfection

Q: Any tips or tricks you can share for stamping?

A: I am not a pro at it yet but I would point out few which works for me and they are: always go with polishes with full coverage when it comes to image clarity be it stamping polishes which are meant for it or just regular ones with full opacity. And scraping technique plays a huge role in the image pick up so don't take it for granted and finally you should have fun at what you do that's the most important advice.

Q: Which is your favorite UberChic Beauty fall plate and why?

A: Oh I love the Pretty in Plaid the most because I am obsessed with plaids ever since I know about them and UberChic Beauty has definitely excelled in creating this magnificent all in one plate for all the plaid lovers including me as it has so many different varieties of plaid designs in it, you can go for full images or with layering one image over another, you can go crazy and create unique designs with it.

Q: How can people see more of your nail art? Please list your social media links!

I am on these social media pages, Come check them out!! And If you like what you see, do Follow :)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifeisnails/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lifeisnails/feed

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifeisnailss/

Blog: http://www.lifeisnails.com/

Watch How She Did It:

Happy stamping!
❤ Ramie @LifeIsNails