Halloween Nail Art Ideas from Shanna's Nail Adventures

Oct 5th 2018

Meet our Featured Nail Artist: Shanna of @ShannasNailAdventures!

Spooky Nail Art Inspiration from one of our Favorite Nail Artists! 

Q: What was your inspiration for this mani?

A: I love Halloween and spooky haunted houses and graveyards. So I imagined a sunset where you see the silhouette of spooky things!

Q: What is your favorite part about this design/why did you pick it?

A: I love doing gradients, so that’s definitely my favorite thing about this mani!

Q: What polishes did you use to create it?

A: I used Painted Polish Stamping polishes “Autumn Twilight 2.0”, “Stamped in Rose”, “Stamped in Starfruit” and “Midnight Mischief”. Then used China Glaze “Fairy Dust” for the sparkle and topped it all off with KB Shimmer “Clearly on Top”.

Q: What other tools did you use?

A: I used the Halloween-04 plate, Dual-Ended Puff & Stamper, and Edge Perfection Nail Barrier and XL Clear Stamper w/ scraper

Q: Any tips or tricks you can share for stamping?

A: I always clean my stamper with alcohol before I begin to insure it’s stickiness and then stamp it on a lint roller so there is no residue. That helps for clean pickup. I also make sure there is no fan on while stamping as it makes the polish dry faster and it doesn’t pick up nicely.

Q: Which is your favorite UberChic Beauty fall plate and why?

A: I adore Halloween, so I love all the UberChic Halloween plates. I can’t pick a favorite. They all have images that work well together!

Q: How can people see more of your nail art? Please list your social media links!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shannasnailadventures

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannasnailadventures/

Happy stamping!
❤ Shanna @ShannasNailAdventures

Quick Tutorial: How to Make Creepy Cute Halloween Nail Art Using Nail Stamps:

1. Gather all you tools and polishes and prepare to create a boooootiful mani!

2. I applied the Edge Perfection and let dry. Then, using the ‘Dual ended Puff & Stamper’ and purple, pink and yellow polish (Painted Polish ‘Autumn Twilight 2.0’, ‘Stamped in Rose’, ‘Stamped in Starfruit’) to create sunset looking gradient.

3. I applied a holo topcoat (Chinaglaze ‘Fairy Dust’) and quick dry topcoat (KB Shimmer ‘Clearly on Top) to prep for stamping.

4. Then using the XL Clear Stamper and black stamping polish (Painted Polish ‘Midnight Mischief’) I chose my images from the Halloween-04 plate and stamped them on.