Get the Perfect Nails For Fourth of July

Posted by UberChic Beauty on Jun 15th 2017

At UberChic Beauty, we love every single thing about nail stamping. However, one of our favorite things about this process is being able to customize nails for certain days of the year. One of our absolute favorite holidays to do this for is Independence Day. With patriotism heightened all over the country, why should your nails have to miss out on the fun? We have plenty of stamp designs you can choose from if you are interested in decking your nails out in red, white and blue. Check out our nail design ideas below!

Lady Liberty

If you want to be someone who exudes patriotic energy, why not sport the most patriotic woman of them all on your nails? Even though the Statue of Liberty has been around since 1886, she is still one of the most well-renowned symbols of freedom that exists in current day America. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, and we will give them the most amazingly impressive stamped nails they have ever seen!

Light Up The Night

One of our favorite aspects of Independence Day is, of course, the fireworks that are launched each Fourth of July evening. If you want your nails to get as much attention as those bright lights do on this special day of the year, maybe a firework stamp is perfect for you. You can choose whether you would like for all of your fireworks to be the same color or if you would like each nail to sport a different ones. Either way, you are sure to get compliments of your illuminating nail art.

Stars and Stripes

Much has changed in America over the last 200+ years, but one thing that has not changed is the severe pride people find in the American flag. A true way to express your patriotism would be with the stars and stripes of the United States flag. You can choose to have individual flags on each nail, or our favorite idea, stamp stripes on four out of five of your nails and reserve the stars for your thumb. Both looks are cute and show the pride you have in your country.

The Activist

If you are someone who is very involved in politics, you might want to use your nails as your platform this Fourth of July. We have plenty of text stamp designs that could help you to push your political agenda to all those whom you come into contact with in a very subtle way. Stamps that say “Vote” or “Patriot” are great conversation starters no matter where you are heading on Independence Day.

Independence Day

If you are a history buff, we would suggest you stamp your nails with a variety of our Fourth of July designs. Combine stars and stripes designs with a classic “1776” stamp or get the entire country stamped on your nail as a reminder of what this holiday is all about.

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