Get DIY Aspen Nails with @AlterEgoNails

Sep 27th 2018

Meet our Featured Nail Artist: Katie of @AlterEgoNails!

Autumn Nail Art Inspiration from one of our Favorite Nail Artists! 

Q: What was your inspiration for this mani?
A: Fall has started, but it’s still so hot in Arizona! This mani is my little daydream escape from the heat outside into a place that has cool, brisk air and changing leaves during the nighttime.

Q: What is your favorite part about this design/why did you pick it?
A: I’ve never really layer stamped much before, so I loved the DIY Aspen trees and had to use them! I also used an orange to yellow thermo polish so I figured what better way to use it than autumn leaves!

Q: What other tools did you use?
A:  Lovely Leaves 3

UberChic Clear XL Stamper

Q: Any tips or tricks you can share for stamping?
A: My favorite trick is to use nail glue to make sure stamps fully stick to my nails. It’s perfect for reverse stamping, where the stamp is dry, to get all of those pieces to stay in your design!

Q: Which is your favorite UberChic Beauty fall plate and why?
A: It’s so hard to pick, but probably any of the Lovely Leaves plates because there’s so many intricate fall patterns and coordinating accents!

Q: How can people see more of your nail art? Please list your social media links!


Happy stamping!
❤ Katie @AlterEgoNails