BruisedUpDollie's Leaf-Loving Nail Art!

Sep 13th 2018

Meet our Featured Nail Artist: @BruisedUpDollie! 

We picked her brain on her latest creation and here's what she's loving about this year's fall nail art. 

Q: What was your inspiration for this mani?
A: My inspiration comes from one of my favorite things about fall! Watching Autumn leaves falling from their branches, gently floating in the breeze.

Q: What is your favorite part about this design/why did you pick it?
A: Since I keep my nails on the shorter side I love the smaller individual images a lot! I choose the leaf image so I could use various shades of polishes while still sticking to my fall leaves theme.

Q: What polishes did you use to create it?
A: I used Champagne Room, Dancing Leaves, Children Of The Corn Maze and Oh My Gourd! All from Polish ‘M, her fall shades are to die for! 

Q: What other tools did you use (if any)? (Stampers, brushes, nail art barrier, etc)
A: Besides the awesome UberChic Lovely Leaves 3 Plate I used The UberChic Striping Nail Art Brush, a Clear Stamper and Vibrant Vinyls Get A Grip sticky base coat and F&H glossy top coat.

Q: Any tips or tricks you can share for stamping?
A: My current favorite is using the sticky base coats to adhere my reverse stamping or decals! One thin coat over my base shade or art, allow it to become tacky and then just stamp my on my filled in image! It’s really fun and easy!

Q: Which is your favorite UberChic Beauty fall plate and why?
A: I have to say the Lovely Leaves 01 might be my all time favorite. But I’m a sucker for ALL of the fall plates!

Q: How can people see more of your nail art? Please list your social media links!

And for stamping nail art tutorials:

Watch how she made this great mani:

Thanks for having me! Happy stamping!