Zombie Love-01 - UberChic Nail Stamping Plate Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01
Zombie Love-01 - UberChic Nail Stamping Plate Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01 Stamped with plate UC Zombie Love -01

Zombie Love-01 - UberChic Nail Stamping Plate

size: 3.75 W × 5.75 H × 0.11 L
Zombie Love-01

Do you have a slightly unhealthy obsession with all things undead? Love Zombies? Who doesn't? They just want you for your brains anyway...!  If you said "YES!!!" - then have we got a plate for you! This nail art stamp plate is ideal for the zombie obsessed. Create the perfect undead mani or gear up for your Halloween themed costume with this epic plate.

Zombie nail art is the biggest trend to hit the market so make sure you bring your undead-loving fingers up to speed. Our Zombie Nail Art Stamping Plate makes you want to bust out of the ground in perfect walking dead style!

So go on, join the undead side and take your zombie nail art to the next level with this plate full of zombies..

The designs are 17 x 21mm - and are built to cover edge-to-edge very large natural nail sizes. Small nails left out? Never! Our designs are crafted to not be so overwhelming or large that you can't see what is on your nail - even if it's tiny!

Technical stuff: The size of each plate is 9.5cm by 14.5cm and the plates in this collection have coordinating single images down the center and a few on the sides.
The designs are engraved on the image plates and can be used over and over again - never wearing out.

The nail art designs can be applied using nail polish, stamper & scraper



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Written by Kayla Smith on Oct 31st 2016

Everything about this plate is perfect. I have to say while I love all the images. Surprisingly the giant fingerprint is my favorite. It is very unique.

Written by Karrie on Oct 9th 2016

I love this zombie stamping plate all the designs are well made and stamp perfectly!!! endless design ideas ;)

pure "zombie love"
Written by undefined on Oct 9th 2016

I waited and waited for this item to be sold again, as it's a seasonal item. Finally, it was available and I ordered immediately. I loved it! However there were a few scratches across the length of the plate. Some images weren't stamping clearly. I emailed u.c. and brandy emailed me back and promptly sent out a replacement. It was perfect. Clear Stamps, love the detail. I couldn't be any happier with the product or the customer service I received!

It is perfect.
Written by Anna on Jul 15th 2016

This plate has been etched very well. And I absolutely love the images.

Love this plate!
Written by Shaz on Jul 15th 2016

As soon as I saw this plate, I just had to have it! I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and so had very high hopes for this and wasn't disappointed. The designs are amazing, very well engraved and they pick up really clearly. My favourites have to be the "DONT OPEN" + "DEAD INSIDE" designs. Would definitely recommend to a friend

Written by Dorothy on Jun 18th 2016

I absolutely LOVE this stamp plate! Arrived quickly. I'm SOOOO HAPPY I got it!!!!

Written by undefined on Apr 20th 2016

Love this stamping plate! The only thing I am disappointed with is that Daryl's arm is missing on the full body image. Arrived quickly.

Written by Melinderz on Mar 25th 2016

At first I was worried that the words wouldn't fit my nails but they did and it translated so perfectly I was so thrilled

Written by Tia on Feb 24th 2016

This plate is awesome! If you love the walking dead series then this plate is a must have. It is amazingly detailed and the etching is perfect. I was able to pick up without a problem. I have used all my stampers with it and had no problems and I have almost all the different types. Also it was really easy to use regular nail polish to stamp with on this plate.

Written by Rebecca N. on Feb 11th 2016

I absolutely LOVE this stamp plate! Some of the images look just like the characters and they come out crisp and clear! I'm SOOOO HAPPY I got it!!!!

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