XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder
XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder

XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder

size: 4.00 W × 2.00 H × 0.50 L

1 XL Clear Stamper Head with Ring Holder!

Why get tunnel vision when you can get the whole picture? The XL Clear Stamper head allows you to upsize your stamping to the next level. This includes:

- One XL Clear Stamper Head that is Medium-Firm and Non-Sticky

- One Plastic Holder Ring that is specifically designed to hold your stamper head without popping out - and provide extra support while you stamp!

- Our see-through nail stamper head is great at getting perfect stamp placement every time

- The stamper head is 44mm wide through the middle

TIPS & TRICKS: You're stamper should be ready to go right when you get it - however, if it's not working for you right out of the box - it is possible to use the following techniques to get it to work properly:

– Try washing the heads in warm soapy water (dish soap works best) and let dry completely

– Be gentle when applying pressure as too much may cause it to break down over time - instead we recommend a straight down then gentle roll to apply designs to your nails

– If none of that works - take a cotton ball and add a little bit of Acetone to it - gently and quickly swipe it across it's surface (don't let it linger or it could cloud it) - that should remove any excess oils it may have picked up from handling it 

To Clean:

We do NOT recommend using Acetone/Nail Polish Remover to clean the surface of this stamper between each use.  Instead - use tape or a lint-roller to clean and preserve the head. Acetone may cause the surface to cloud over time and require you to replace it more quickly.



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XL clear stamper with ring holder
Written by LaurieCass on Nov 2nd 2017

I’m crazy about this stamper. Works perfectly and the ring is simple and effective. My #1 choice.

XL clear stamper....
Written by Naomi Elkins on Sep 10th 2017

I bought this UberChic XL clear jelly stamper to replace a large clear stamper from a different company that did not pick up images. I am happy to say that the UberChic works like a charm! It picks up images from all my stamping plates! I do wish it had more of a base other than the plastic ring. I do not use the ring when stamping.

Clear head jelly stamper
Written by Susan on Jul 27th 2017

Love this stamper! I prefer to use it without the attachment because the attachment caused little nicks in my stamper causing pieces to come off. Other than that the stamp head is amazing and picks up every time. Purchased two more.

clear XL stamper
Written by Lori on Jan 4th 2017

i love this stamper its easy to use and the image's come out perfect every time. shipping from Uber is so lightening fast and customer service is awesome!

Love it
Written by Crystal on Dec 16th 2016

This is the only clear stamper that works for me . I have bought quite a few other brands and have had no luck. It was ready to use. No priming needed. I do wish it had a clear base instead of the plastic ring holder. If it had a different base I would have given 5 stars.

ugh...it's ok
Written by Colleen Mortimer on Oct 22nd 2016

Only had this stamping head for about 2 weeks and it already has a Crack in it. Other then that is seems to work ok.

Written by Elisabet Eriksson on Sep 29th 2016

It's picking up the designs perfectly

Very clear
Written by DaKrina Ardoin on Sep 25th 2016

I like how clear it is and I like the holder. I wish it stayed in the holder better though. I've also had issues with it picking up designs, but that could be user error. Over all, I'd recommend this product.

Every stamping addict needs this XL Clear stamper
Written by mrsluckyboy85 on Aug 1st 2016

Purchased this XL clear stamper and holder after seeing so many positive reviews on IG, and I was not disappointed! It's a game changer, due to the fact it is essentially just a head with a no tunnel vision holder. The ring holder is perfect for that close up view, whilst still being comfortable to hold. Also the stamping head itself is flatter than some others on the market, which doesn't distort the image at all. I did prime it by washing it with liquid soap, and gave it a super light swipe with a magic eraser. Picks up perfectly! I found its best rolled over the image. A firm pressure works best for me. The XL size works well for longer nails too, a must have!

love it
Written by Aurora Perez on Aug 1st 2016

I love it!! What else i can say!?! Very nice to work with it. Highly recommend!

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