The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper The XL Sticky Stamper: Chic Black Matte The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper
The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper The XL Sticky Stamper: Chic Black Matte The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper The XL Sticky Stamper and Scraper

The XL Sticky Stamper: Chic Black Matte

size: 2.00 W × 3.50 H × 1.50 L

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The XL Sticky Stamper

The XL Sticky Stamper includes an Opaque White and Black stamping head with a credit card like scraper.

- Heads are Soft and Sticky

- The soft, squishy silicone nail stamper heads are perfect for getting the very best stamping results

- The package also contains a 'credit card like' scraper so you can easily scrape excess paint away from your design making your stamping more efficient

- The different colored heads provide the optimal way to stamp with both light and dark colors as our black stamping head easily shows up lighter colored polish and the lighter colored head shows up darker colored polishes.

Use UberChic Beauty Nail Stamper & Scraper to stamp beautiful designs on your nails! The UberChic Nail Stamper & Scraper are essential tools for any Stamping Nail Art process.

The Scraper (rectangular clear card) is flexible enough to remove the excess Nail Polish from the image plate after applying it on your chosen image.

The Stamper is used for picking up the image from the stamping plate and stamping it on your nail.

The stamping heads are about ~37mm


 If you would like to buy extra heads for this stamper you can find them here:


PLEASE NOTE! This stamper should not need to be prepped. If it's not working for you right out of the box - it is possible to use the following techniques to get it to work properly:

– Try washing the heads in warm soapy water and let dry completely

– Try soaking a cotton ball or pad in pure acetone and gently resting on the head for 10 seconds - it should raise a better surface to stamp on


To Clean:

We do NOT recommend using Acetone/Nail polish remover to clean the surface of this stamper between use.  Instead - use tape or a lint-roller to clean and preserve the silicone.

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Excellent Stamper!!!
Written by Norma on Dec 29th 2016

Super sticky and soft. I use on long nails and it spans them very well! I am a beginner in stamping but with this stamper I am much facilitated. I love having both heads in black and white. I'll buy more.

So sticky!
Written by CeciChickadee on Jun 13th 2016

I really appreciate the stickiness of these stamper heads, and that they come in a set of one white, one black. Great price. No need to prime--I just washed them with dish soap and they work perfectly! My one critique is that they could be a little squishier. I have very long nails with a strong c-curve, and I have to press really hard to cover the whole nail with the stamper. I guess I could roll the stamper, but that makes it hard to centre the image and keep it from distorting.

Written by Augusta on Jun 9th 2016

My stamper picks up all of the design from the plate and is always opaque no matter the brand of polish I use to stamp with. However, because the stamper is sticky it makes dust stick to it. But it is easily taken care of and you just need to get some sticky tape and pick it up with that.

best stamper!!
Written by Yvonne Donovan on Feb 10th 2016

I love this stamper because it's so squishy. It covers my whole nail I will definitely buy more of these

XL Sticky Stamper
Written by Serena on Jan 11th 2016

Love it! Stamps great for me and I still consider myself a beginner in stamping, though I have tried it for a while. I believe I now have a great stamper and will stamp more often now.

A need on you collection!
Written by Keira on Jan 11th 2016

I recently purchased this stamper and it was my first time getting a product from this company. Very much enjoyed it. The package and shipping was well organized. I would recommend it, especially if you do have experience with stamping. This is very comforting to the nail, it will not hurt or damage the nail bed and polish. If you would like to see a review on how awesome it works check out: You will not regret purchasing it. There is no need to think twice!

Marshmallowy Goodness!!!
Written by Keidy on Dec 30th 2015

This is the softest, stickiest stamper EVER! I had to get used to the squish, but once I did it was awesome! Picked up great. Didn't really have to prime it, I just washed the oil off of the head with dish soap and water. Love love love it! And it comes with TWO heads?! I could rave all day.

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