The XL Non-Sticky Stamper: Two Extra Stamper Heads

The XL Non-Sticky Stamper: Two Extra Stamper Heads

size: 4.00 W × 3.00 H × 1.00 L
The XL Non-Sticky Stamper:Two Extra Stamper Heads 
Want to spice up your stamping arsenal? Do you find you are struggling to see what color you've stamped on you stamper? Well these colorful stamping heads solve all of that! Get two extra stamping heads that fit perfectly in our XL Non-Sticky Stamper and stamp to your heart's content!
You will receive:
-1 Nude Light Pink non-sticky stamper head - (~37mm)
-1 Tiffany Blue non-sticky stamper head - (~37mm)
*Stamper holder NOT included
PLEASE NOTE! This stamper does NOT need to be prepped. If it's not working for you right out of the box - it is possible to use the following techniques to get it to work properly:
– Try washing the heads in warm soapy water and let dry completely
– Try soaking a cotton ball or pad in pure acetone and gently resting on the head for 10 seconds - it should raise a better surface to stamp on
To Clean:
We do NOT recommend using Acetone/Nailpolish remover to clean the surface of this stamper between use.  Instead - use tape or a lint-roller to clean and preserve the silicone.

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