Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush
Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush Oval Gel Clean Up Brush

Oval Gel Clean Up Brush

size: 0.50 W × 8.00 H × 0.50 L
Oval Gel Clean Up Brush

UberChic Beauty Brushes are high quality, professional-grade brushes designed specifically for all your nail art needs! These nail art brushes have a lovely, perfectly balanced weight to them without being too hefty. They also are decorated with a chic silver butterfly engraving and crystals in one end to add glam to any nail art experience.

Get yourself all cleaned up and ready to go with our Oval shaped Clean Up Brush! Clean up is key to any good manicure - and with this brush, getting your cuticles as clean as possible is a breeze! The oval shape creates the perfect curve to easily reach and trim along the edge of your nail every time.

We created these to be the ultimate in luxe and easy-to-use nail art brushes - they feature a metal handle that holds up to acetone – and unlike many wooden-handled brushes that melt under acetone after first contact – ours will stand up to wear and use, time and time again.

Each nail art brush comes with a cap for storage and bristle protection. The cap also has an air hole in the top to let your brush air dry when stored. Add some class to your nail art session by adding these luxe brushes to your nail art arsenal!  The "gel" part of the name is just a trade-title - these do work with either gel or regular nail polish if properly cleaned with 100% Acetone after each use.










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Oval Gel Clean Up Brush
Written by Norma Garcia on Dec 29th 2017

I purchased this brush because I am a terrible polisher. I need help with clean up when I am doing my gel nails and this brush is great for that. Easy to use and clean. If you need help making you nails look great this is this brush for you.

Written by V. on Dec 28th 2017

I'll use it, because I paid for it, but the bristles are not stiff enough for me.

Fantastic, best one I've used
Written by Jenn on Oct 29th 2017

I first ordered a couple cleanup brushes that look very similar to this (the handles) from another company. However, that other company does not offer this style brush. I found the bristles not stiff enough and the shape not precise enough. Then for a long time I used the $1 ELF concealer brush. I liked how it's stiffer, but it's not very precise, especially when the bristles start to dry out. I needed a new brush,, so I ordered this one recently because Lacquer or Leave Her said it was her favorite. It's GREAT!! The bristles are much stiffer than my other Kolinsky hair brushes, and the shape of this one is fantastic!! The edge is super thin and precise! Get it, you won't be sorry!

Beautiful Brush!
Written by Michelle on Mar 13th 2017

Not only is this brush definitely "chic", it's bristles are just a little stiffer than my other cleanup brushes and this definitely works better for me.

Stunning product - I use it everyday
Written by Heather O'Connor on Dec 11th 2016

Gorgeous brush in a gorgeous casing. Works very well. Highly recommended

Can't live without it!
Written by Monique H on Oct 7th 2016

I use this brush every single time I paint my nails! It is perfect for small mistakes as well as handling large splashes on cuticles and around the nail. I recently lost my first one and it was devastating. I will be ordering my second one now! It was worth every penny! <3

Awesome brush.
Written by Amy on Sep 25th 2016

I use this brush for clean up. I've just bought my second one. I love it. It's the perfect shape with the perfect stiffness to the bristles. And it stands up against acetone pretty well. If you condition the bristles with a bit of cuticle oil every now and then, it lasts even longer.

Really Great Brush
Written by Barb StClair-Borrero on Sep 25th 2016

I had been using a brush that worked ok, but I didn't realize how much better it could be until I received this brush. Beside the fact that it looks fabulous with the crystals and the sleek black cover, it functions so well to remove polish next to the nail/cuticle line that I can get closer that ever without having a gap. The brush is firm and strong, no wonky stray hairs laying in the polish. It's a pleasure to use.

Great brush!
Written by Angie on Jun 4th 2016

Not just great for clean up, also great for applying hard gel.

Written by Jacqueline on Apr 23rd 2016

I don't know how I've lived without this tool for so long! The oval gel clean up brush is amazing and perfect for cleaning up nail art. No more using cotton balls to clean up and risking smudging your nail art. The best, highly recommended :-)

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