Glitter Dust: Premium loose glitter for one-of-kind nail art or cosmetic use. Create dazzling effects with our luxury glitter powder. Dust on your skin or scrub into your gel polish for beautiful effects.  These lightweight, fine particles of glitter - we like to call "Glitter Dust" - add delightful sparkle to any type of makeup or nail art creation. While our glitters are gorgeous on it's own – they can also be mixed into your favorite nail polish or "scrubbed" in to gel polish in for brilliant effects.

Magic Dust: Create one-of-a-kind nail art with our easy-to-use Magic Dust. Specifically engineered for use with polish – this is the perfect way to use up your ugliest nail polish colors - or create va-va-voom nails with polishes you like. Our Magic Dust is incredibly easy-to-use! Simply "scrub" into your gel polish or mix with a top coat (gel or regular polish) – then cure with LED or UV or let it dry if it's regular top coat.

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