Nail Art Tools

Here you can find everything you need for nail stamp art! It's so easy to make DIY nail art with these specialized nail stamping tools. Find nail stampers and credit-card like scrapers, nail stamping plate folders for nail art organization and more!

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Uber Mat

$14.99 $7.50

Uber Mat ALL NEW LOOK! After we invented the world's first nail art mat - we set our minds on improving it and making it into something even better. Introducing the all new Uber Mat: it's officially time to upgrade your work space.   NEW...

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The Classic Stamper

$6.99 $4.54

The Classic Stamper This set features:  Firm, Non-Sticky original purple stamper Our uber silicone nail stamper head is perfect for getting the very best stamping results An uber fun 'credit card like' scraper is the best way to scrape excess...

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