The UberSwatcher™ Will Be The Holiday Gift Everyone Is Talking About

Posted by UberChic Beauty on Nov 11th 2016

The UberSwatcher™ Will Be The Holiday Gift Everyone Is Talking About

While some people choose to go to the nail salon to get their nails done, others of us are addicted to making our nails look amazing on our own. We, at UberChic Beauty, love the ability to create amazing and unique designs on our nails often. However, with doing your own nails comes plenty of nail stamping design plates and even more nail polish colors. Often distinguishing these colors from one another can be the most frustrating part of being your own manicurist. After all, you need one polish in every color as well as different shades of each color for a really successful end product. In order to make this simpler on our customers, we began thinking about the most effective way a person could arrange and organize their nail polish collection, and what we figured out, you are going to love.

Our new product, the UberSwatcher™, was developed to help someone with even the largest nail polish collection find the exact color they are looking to find in an instant. While other manufacturers have designed swatch sticks and books to make this process easier, they do not do the job as well as the UberSwatcher. These other products pop off your bottles or require you to work even harder to locate the color you are looking for by requiring you to use a nail polish directory of your own making.

How Does The UberSwatcher Work?

This nail polish swatcher is easy to use and allows you to keep your nail polish bottles organized constantly. The UberSwatcher is a topper that fits on the top of your nail polish bottle, where it displays the color of each respective nail polish. No longer spend hours searching through drawers opening each and every nail polish you own looking for one specific color. Instead, simply gaze at the tops of all of your bottles and view the colors that they will be once the polish dries on your nails. The UberSwatcher is also great because it helps to give you a bit of additional grip on those nail polish bottles that are difficult to open.

What Are Your Options Regarding The UberSwatcher?

The UberSwatcher is available in several different package sizes in order to accommodate you and your unique nail polish collection. Depending on the size of your collection, you can buy an appropriate amount of UberSwatchers for all of your nail polish bottles. We offer the following:

  • 25 Pack for $29.99
  • 50 Pack for $54.99
  • 100 Pack for $98.99

You can also purchase 25 of the Top White Swatcher Pieces on their own for $13.99 for the times when you run out of one color and need to replace it with another.

UberChic Beauty Has You Covered

At UberChic Beauty, we are always looking for new ways to make nail stamping as easy as possible for our customers. With the help of products like our XL Clear Stamper and the Uber Mat, we have given those who have a passion for nail design the ability to be as creative as possible. Now, the UberSwatcher will add to this ability as well. Invest in your UberSwatcher today and speed up your nail art process even more!