Impress Your Relatives With Thanksgiving Themed Nails

Posted by UberChic Beauty on Nov 1st 2016

Impress Your Relatives With Thanksgiving Themed Nails

There are few things as exciting as heading home for the holidays to spend them with your family. While you may not have appreciated it as much when you were younger and therefore were able to see relatives much more frequently. This is now the one time of the year everyone takes the time and makes the effort to come together and celebrate, so why not be a bit elated? After all, you have been doing everything you can day in and day out to achieve your goals, it’s time to tell those who you love so much about all you have accomplished.

We know, however, with seeing family comes the inevitable pressure that we put on ourselves to appear as put-together as possible. Even though you are working endlessly to become everything you dreamed you would be one day, we all want our family to be proud of who we have become at any given moment. It’s human nature!

With that in mind, you have likely been thinking about what outfits you are going to wear during your visit. You’ve probably also scheduled a haircut and bought an extra tube of your favorite color lipstick. However, what are you going to do about your fingernails?

Sure, you could head to a nail salon and have a manicure but haven’t you done that before? This year, wow your family with your unique nail designs when you use the Thanksgiving-themed nail plate from UberChic. Our Give Thanks - Thanksgiving Special Edition Mini Nail Stamp Plate has several designs that were made for you to wear to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering. Whether you want to sport pieces of pumpkin pie, turkey legs, corn on the cob or just thankful words on your nails, this plate can give you want you want. Let’s talk about some of the individual designs.

Pumpkin Pie

We all have our favorite dessert and for some people there are only a few months of the year in which their favorite dessert is on the menu. If you are a lover of pumpkin pie, this stamp is perfect for you. Show off your sweet nails this Thanksgiving with slices of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.


Thanksgiving is associated very heavily with cornucopias so what better design to put on your nails for the holiday? A bountiful cornucopia on your nails is a fantastic way to make them holiday specific and for you to get compliments from anyone and everyone who sees them during your holiday celebration.

The First Thanksgiving

Do you love the idea of the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Native American came together for their historic feast? Were you fascinated with this story when you were learning about it in elementary school? You can pay tribute to it this year when you have classic Pilgrim hats and turkeys on your stamped nails. Everyone will be beyond impressed with the lengths you went to to have such adorable nails. Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them how easy it was to do with the help of UberChic’s Clear Stamper if you don't want to!